Your home, school, college, office, community is no place for drugs. Don't do drugs. Play sports. - Saina Nehwal


The menace of drug trafficking and drug abuse is not only a serious issue plaguing our nation but is destroying mankind globally. On one hand the lure of vast sums of money has enticed desperate people to take desperate risks. More and more sophisticated methods of modus operandi along with organized international syndicates having no geographical boundaries or shackled by race, religion or creed have made the task of law enforcement agencies that more complicated and difficult. On the other hand, the evolving modern-day societies, along with development both mental and physical, have also an intrinsic negative superficial aspect where, unfortunately, drug abuse has become fashionable and at times, a mark of high society as well. For others, though ephemeral, a ‘high’ is still worth it.

We cannot allow our society, especially our youth, to plunge into the abyss of no return. Our Government has entrusted our organization to effectively tackle this extremely serious issue both within the country and beyond.

For me, the SAS motto of ‘Who dares wins’ is the cornerstone of my belief in tackling any issue. If our intentions are positive and we put in our best, then nothing else matters. We will succeed-if not today, then surely tomorrow. As Regis Debray said ‘Defeat is the springboard to victory’.

The mandate of Narcotics Control Bureau is to create a national response to the menace of drugs and the greater coordination with agencies both at the national and state level as well as effective linkages with international bodies and similar agencies of other nations. At the same, a very important endeavour would be to reach out to the youth to educate them and prevent them from going astray. We need to be focused and clear about our goals and set effective time frames to achieve them. Whatever we do must be substantial and real, and we should not be satisfied by merely going through the motions. We have to put in our best and take pride in our work. Only when we will strive for excellence, will we transcend barriers of mediocrity. If we want to succeed, we would need to be a team and think like a team.

As the National Nodal Authority, the Narcotics Control Bureau also acts as a repository and reference point for data, issues and bench-marks pertaining to drug law enforcement. The Bureau has made concerted efforts towards documentation of drug traffickers, analysis of drug trafficking patterns and modus operandi of trafficking.

I am confident that the organisation would successfully meet the future challenges through effective enforcement and coordination with all stakeholders in a synergic manner so as to achieve the organisational vision of a drug- free society.

Jai Hind.

Rajiv Mehta

Director General