Organising awareness programs in Schools and Colleges

Activities done by NCB

NCB in its endeavor to spread awareness against drug abuse has decided to directly address the students their parents, teachers and counselors with the objective to explain the deleterious effects of drugs, the responsibility of parents and teachers and what each one of us can do. 

Youth in our country is especially vulnerable to this menace. Drug abuse along with the abuse of alcohol coupled with smoking of tobacco products is taking a heavy toll on the health of the youth. It entails not only health costs but also economic and social costs. To summarize, the spread of drug abuse among the youth has starting hurting the foundation of our society. 

Narcotics Control Bureau, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India is the Central Nodal Authority on all drug related issues in India. Its mandate includes enforcement of the laws against trafficking of drugs as also coordination among various Ministries issues relating to drug abuse and its prevention. In its function relating to drug abuse, Narcotics Control Bureau organizes awareness programmes so as to contain the spreading menace of drug abuse engulfing all sections of the society.Organising awareness programs in Schools and Colleges