As an incentive to the persons offering information about drug trafficking, the Government of India has formulated a scheme of rewards. The Narcotics Control Bureau is the designated agency for processing and sanctioning the reward proposals pertaining to seizure of narcotics and psychotropic substances effected by state enforcement agencies in the country. The reward committee of The Narcotics Control Bureau meets every month for considering the reward proposals. 

The state governments and other enforcement agencies are required to constitute state reward committees which may sanction and pay rewards upto Rs.10,000/- per officer, per case in accordance with the instructions laid down in the Reward Scheme. The state governments can claim reimbursement from the Narcotics Control Bureau by submitting such bills once in three months. Reward Committees of enforcement agencies may recommend cases where the reward admissible and proposed is above Rs.10,000/- per person, to The Narcotics Control Bureau for consideration and sanction.Substance wise, the quantum of rewards admissible is as follows :



Maximum reward (per kg.)

Prescribed Purity

HEROIN AND ITS SALTS Rs.20,000/- 90% or more of Diacetyl Morphine
MORPHINE BASE AND ITS SALTS Rs.8,000/- 90% or more of Anhydrous Morphine
COCAINE AND ITS SALTS Rs.40,000/- 90% or more of Anhydrous Cocaine
HASHISH Rs.400/- With THC content of 4% or more
HASHISH OIL Rs.2,000/- With THC content of 20% or more
OPIUM Rs.220/- Standard Opium of 9.5% Morphine Strength
GANJA Rs.80/- Should be commercially acceptable Ganja
MANDRAX Rs.500/- Presence of Methaqualone

The reward amount shall be reduced, prorate, if the purity is less than the prescribed level.